10 Exciting Reasons to Visit Thailand

Six Senses in Koh Yao Noi

Is the name not enough for you to visit Thailand? Perhaps you have not heard about Thailand from one of your crazy friends. You need to know that there, not a few things that people love to visit Thailand for. There are a lot of reasons make them visit Thailand at least once. Let me introduce you to the lovely reasons which can make your mood visit Thailand once in your lifetime.

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Nature & Animal Centric Avenues in Thailand One Must Explore

Chiang Mai

From the rainforest covered hills in the North, to the plains in the East and the islands in South Thailand, the area is covered with not only amazingly lush rainforests, but also towering limestone formation that kick-start the imagination. Located in Southeast Asia Thailand receives heavy rainfall and is a beautiful place to just cool off and relax. The country’s tourism is mainly based on their nature and marine reserves, which are numerous and contain a large variety of species, many of which are endangered due to poaching. The government has taken action against poaching and animal cruelty at tourist attraction; however, there are still instances of illegal animal trade which takes place in the black markets of the country. Despite this Thailand is a country which loves animals, whether it be wild or domestic as prevalent by the number of pet owners and strays that roam the city. » Read more

Experience the beautiful Thai culture through its unique festivals and public holidays

Festival in Thailand

Thailand is a captivating tourist destination placed in the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia. Blessed with incredible natural vistas and attractions to die for, Thailand covers a mesmerizing area of 513,120 sq. km. A melting pot of different cultures collated together peacefully. The Thai calendar is packed with exciting events, superb festivals, and public holidays. You can always find an excuse to party in Thailand or matter where you are put up. Thailand boasts of several festivals and public holidays that make a holiday here truly special. We have listed some of the prestigious festivals and public holidays that you should be part of if you are planning for a Thai holiday soon. » Read more

Watersports worth Indulging in on Thailand Beaches

Thailand Adventure Image

Southeast Asia’s best place to visit in Thailand and there’s a reason for this. Thailand is best known for its stunning temples, breath-taking beaches and the modern cities like Bangkok and Pattaya, which are full of life and adventure. Thailand’s beaches are also famed for the best watersport activities for tourists. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun, sand or just surf, there are many places in Thailand that offer some of the best watersport experiences to locals and tourists alike. Here are some watersports you might not even have heard of but can enjoy during your time in Thailand.

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Inter Continental Bangkok, a rejuvenating take on contemporary luxury

inter continental bangkok Image

InterContinental Bangkok is one of the largest hotels in Bangkok that gives the guests an exclusive metropolitan feel. The hotel features 381 luxury rooms with each room blessed with modern leisure and business facilities and a stone throw away from the BTS Skytrain station. Placed in the heart of Ratchaprasong district, the hotel is an excellent choice irrespective of the purpose of your visit is leisure or business. Also, the Skytrain permits access to the modern attractions of Bangkok like Central Embassy, Siam Paragon, Dining stations, and Central World.

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Five unique facts about Thailand tourism that continues to impress the audience

Thailand Facts Image

Thailand is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia that has always been among the prominent tourist destinations for people all over the world. It is placed along the Andaman Sea towards its west and spread over an area of 513,120 sq. kilometers. Being a melting pot of different cultures, be it the picturesque landscape or the modest lifestyle of the Buddhist monks or the rave beach parties in town, Thailand offers a wide range of activities to indulge to match all tastes. Undoubtedly, Bangkok remains the cream of the Tourism world. Many pieces of research and studies have rated Bangkok as the most visited city in the world. Thailand tourism welcomes more than 16 million international arrivals each year. Ranked as the 20th most populous country in the world with a population of approximately 67.2 million people who converse and communicate in many languages even though the official language is Thai. Thailand has something unique to uncover for all age groups. We bring you five unique facts about Thailand tourism that will reignite your interest in planning a trip to Thailand.

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Top 5 reasons why Anantara Bangkok is a visitors paradise

Anantara Bangkok Resort Image

Bangkok is one of the most frequently visited cities in the world by tourists and guests from all over the world. But there are many parts of the city that the tourists miss out on exploring its hidden secrets. There is a portion of Bangkok beneath the vibrant Bangkok city that is vying for attention from tourists and visitors. One of these locations is Anantara Bangkok, often termed as a visitor’s paradise. The exotic indulgences and vibrant city life are indeed worth exploring. The Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort and Spa is one of the places where you can uncover more profound insights about the capital city and turn out to be one of the intimidating experience for even the regular visitors. We bring to you the top five reasons why the this is one of the best Bangkok resorts.

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10 Things to do in Pattaya For Travelers

Pattaya is famous in the western world for its vibrant nightlife and happening parties, a reason why it becomes a favorite destination for the bachelors. Probably a misconception, as Pattaya offers a beautiful variety of incredible attractions for couples and families as well. It can match the taste and interest of people from different backgrounds. We dig deep into the Pattaya activities to indulge in for travelers for them to enjoy this beautiful country in Southeast Asia.Here is the list of things to do in Pattaya.

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The Magic of Indulging in a Thai Massage

In the busy world of today, every person craves for a spa holiday. People have a notion that spas are only for the ones who are interested in superficial grooming. Although there are beautification benefits, there are plenty of physical and mental benefits that your body deserves with regular spa treatments. The need for a spa arises from the busy lifestyle people choose to live in today that disconnects them from their family and friends, follow an unhealthy lifestyle, and much more. We are listing some of the unknown & unheard types and benefits of indulging in a Thai massage that you should venture out.

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The Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge – Building Friendship Across Borders

Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge Image

The Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge is one of the major bridges that extends borders between Thailand, and the Vientiane. The Thai Lao Friendship bridge has played an instrumental role in bridging gaps in economic, tourism, trade, cultural exchange, investment, logistics, and transportation for the two above mentioned countries. This friendship bridge helps in bridging gaps and improving the friendship between Thailand, Laos, and Australia.

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