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Thailand also has a wide variety of desserts, as visitors soon discover. Here, desserts are both delectable and nutritious. The locals here have a great love for sweets and are conscious of serving low-fat and calorie desserts. Such exotic Thai desserts are healthier and tastier because they use fruits. Even ardent fitness freaks too can relish these delectable items because the majority of them boast about being gluten-free.

Key Ingredients

Thai desserts are popular for their complexity, elaborateness, organization, and the meticulous and patient care that goes into making them. They are notable for their variety of sweetness as well as other qualities like a good fragrance, which are accomplished starting exquisitely and delicately from the preparation of the ingredients to the finished product. Thai desserts can be prepared in a variety of ways, including baking, deep frying, steaming, boiling, and more complicated techniques like cooking yolks of egg in syrup. The majority of Thai desserts are made with sugar, coconut milk, eggs, flour, salt, fragrance, and food colouring as their main ingredients.

Some Must-Try Traditional Thai Desserts

Below are some of the must try traditional Thai desserts,

1. Thai Roti- The process of making this dessert might be more entertaining to you than eating it. Thailand’s national dessert, rotis, is indeed an excellent portable snack. Nearly every corner in Thailand has vendors grilling up the sweet dough, especially in the tourist-heavy regions. Before being placed on the grill, this dough is covered in a thick layer of butter. Both toppings as well as fillings, such as bananas, Nutella, chocolate, & others, are options.

2. Custard-filled Bread- If you enjoy bread, this dessert is for you. In nearly every market in Thailand, you can get hot dog buns, custard-filled rolls, and other baked goods. These buns are generally filled with a variety of toppings, like sweet chocolate syrup or green tea flavouring.

3. Thai Jelly- Similar to jelly you might get in the West, Thai jello is typically cut into slices and topped with additional ingredients, like shredded coconut. The ingredients for these squares are flour, coconut milk, and sugar. Enjoy this delicious, vibrant dessert that will melt in the mouth.

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4. Sticky Rice in Bamboo- The sticky rice that Thais adore can be a delectable addition to almost any meal, including desserts. One interesting way to consume this rice is as sticky rice in bamboo. It is combined with sugar, red beans, coconut cream, and bamboo cylinders that are hollow inside. Before serving, these are cooked until the ingredients have all melted together.

5. Coconut Ice Cream- In the sweltering heat of Thailand, this dessert is the ideal treat. The majority of vendors offer a wide selection of toppings, such as peanuts, sweet corn, and sweet syrups for drizzling on top. Coconut ice cream is frequently served in a coconut that has had its interior scraped out to make room for this ice cream.

6. Mung Bean Candy- They are almost too beautiful to eat, these candies. Mung bean paste is perfectly mashed, sweetened, and glazed before being shaped to resemble (typically) small pieces of fruit.

7. Sweet Thai Crepe- Great finger foods, these are. Nearly every soi offers freshly grilled sweet Thai crepes (street). These are topped typically with foy thong that is shredded egg yolk, and filled with meringue, a rich cream made of egg whites and sugar.

8. Coconut Rice Dumplings- This dessert is adorable and delicious. On hot grills, rice and coconut flour dumplings are prepared to perfection. These are widely available in Thailand, where numerous street vendors sell this tiny dish. These are frequently served plain, with corn or green onions on top.

Thai dessert

9. Sticky Rice and Banana Leaf- Sticky rice, black beans, sugar, and sweet coconut milk are all stuffed into the banana leaf to create a delicious dessert. This dessert has a strange appearance, but do not let that fool you—flavorful it is and loaded with flavour. It is an excellent dessert to try on the go because of the banana leaf wrapper.

10. Thong Yip- A traditional Thai dessert that is egg-yolk based, thong yip is named after the word thong, which means gold and denotes success, prosperity, and increased wealth. This golden dessert is typically shaped into a flower or a five-pointed star and is made with sugar, egg yolks from chicken and duck, and jasmine-flavored water. The dessert that is delicately shaped is then moved to a tiny porcelain cup where it chills and firms up before being served. These desserts, also known as sweet egg yolk cups, are frequently prepared for weddings as well as other celebrations for bringing luck, wealth, and prosperity.

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11. Foi Thong- Thai desserts like foi thong are prepared by drizzling egg yolks—typically duck egg yolks—through a small funnel into a sweet syrup to produce long, sweet golden strings. Usually, pandan leaves are added to the syrup for giving it a unique flavour. The words foi and thong both mean thread and gold, respectively. These delicate golden threads are frequently served after preparation at ceremonies and weddings. This Thai dish, like many others, is influenced by Portuguese cuisine and is based on the Portuguese sweet called fios de ovos.

12. Ruam Mit- Coconut milk, lotus root, tapioca pearls, sugar, corn, sweet potatoes, and jackfruit are used to make the popular Thai dessert ruam mit. Each bowl usually contains starchy noodles, which can be either in thin strips or elaborate decorative forms, and which are flavoured and coloured with various ingredients. Each street vendor or cook adds their respective ingredients to the mixture because there is no standard recipe for ruam mit. On warm summer days, it is frequently consumed as cool refreshments topped with shaved ice. It is one of the least expensive desserts in Thailand, with each bowl typically costing around 15 baht.

Wrapping Up

Thai desserts are incredibly delicious and are simple, energizing, and healthy. These desserts will not break your heart if you have a serious sweet tooth. They will definitely make you feel good and crave for more.

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