Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Thailand
Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Thailand

Thailand is a popular tourist destination among masses from all over the world. And when the occasion becomes special like Christmas and New Year, there is no limit to the celebrations here. No matter what your taste is, Thailand has everything covered to match all tastes.

List of the Best Places to explore during Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Thailand

1.  Bangkok- Capital of Thailand

An automatic choice to be on top of the list of the best places to hang out to experience the festivities of the season. The vibrant and busy capital of Thailand is very cosmopolitan and has a high degree of eccentricity. Old Architectural ruins and buildings still carry the aura and charm of their golden years back then. No matter what religion you belong to, the cultural hubs like Chinatown offer you plenty of options to participate and be a part of the festivities. The floating markets are dotting the streets and malls, where people can purchase Christmas and New Year gifts and surprises for their loved ones and friends. There are plenty of food stalls planted where you get to taste delicious meals. Bangkok also houses many rooftop bars where you can party until dawn and have a rocking time. There are an array of restaurants, bars, and lounges along the Chao Phraya River, or even take a river safari that comes with a scrumptious buffet and live music.

2. Chiang Mai

Placed on the northern side of Thailand, blessed with lush green atmosphere stuffed with virgin forests, gigantic mountains, historic hilltop temples, ancient hill tribes, and many outdoor activities to indulge. Enjoy a refreshing ambiance as you sprawl through the national parks, indulge in elephant safaris, and immerse yourself in the cultural vibes. Do look out for the night market in the city; you may end up getting some outstanding deals. You can also browse through the ancient temples, meet the monks, or stroll through the surrounding villages. With the weather being little more relaxed than other big cities like Bangkok, there is no shortage of activities to engage yourself in Chiang Mai.

3. Phuket

The pleasant temperatures of Phuket during Christmas and New Year’s Eve make it a famous destination for tourists and visitors. An excellent family-friendly getaway, with a lot of hotels, resorts, and lounges offering special events to mark the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. For the party animals, the Patong beach is a dream destination. The nightlife in Patong is buzzing all night with glitz and glamor. For people looking for some peace and tranquility, head straight to Khao Sok National Park or browse through the iconic temples on the island. In Southern Phuket, there is a place named Kata that houses an array of restaurants, bars, lounges, and shops, but is not as vibrant as Patong.

4. Pattaya

No matter whether you are a local or a tourist, Pattaya remains a popular tourist destination all through the year. Famous for its soft sandy beaches, fantastic coral islands, beautiful restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. There are also several water sports adventures available for all the water babies like snorkeling, diving, and swimming. If you are looking for a quieter ambiance, then head to Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens where you can enjoy a peaceful and refreshing ambiance. Stroll through the Sky Walk or take an elephant safari or merely enjoy traditional dance shows, there is no shortage of activities in Pattaya to immerse yourself deep into the Thai culture. For the party buffs, head to the walking street that houses an array of restaurants, bars, and lounges.

5. Krabi

Placed on the western coast of southern Thailand, Krabi offers a beautiful ambiance for enjoying a Christmas and New Year break. Visit the virgin beaches and enjoy turquoise blue waters, watch the majestic limestone emerging out of the water, excellent snorkeling facilities, an array of waterfalls, and surrounded by lush green rainforests. You can also take a boat cruise to Ko Phi Phi and Ko Lanta that are just a couple of hours away. Once the sunsets, the atmosphere becomes vibrant and enjoyable. Krabi is a beautiful base to explore the stunning islands in its neighborhood. Ao Nang and Railay beaches are quite popular among tourists and locals alike. The secluded Tub Kaek beach houses many beautiful boutique hotels and offers sufficient privacy and a mesmerizing ambiance.

6. Ko Samui

You will have to increase your budget slightly to browse through the best of what Ko Samui has to offer. An irresistible winter getaway, Ko Samui is a dream honeymoon destination and provides the perfect ambiance for someone who is looking to recharge himself or herself. The stunning beaches, fantastic coconut trees, rugged rainforests, and vibrant coral reefs offer a great atmosphere. Add the opulent restaurants, boutique hotels, lively bars and lounges, and luxurious spas; you have the perfect atmosphere to celebrate special occasions like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There are also excellent facilities for diving and snorkeling. Ko Samui is a beautiful base to access the full moon parties of Ko Phangan. Do check out the Choeng Mon Beach if you are looking for a laid back relaxing atmosphere.

 7. Koh Phangan

This vibrant island offers you the best of both worlds when you are on holiday here during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The quieter beaches towards the northern side of Koh Phangan offers a perfect environment for some peace and tranquility. The tong Nai Pan Noi beach provides a laid-back ambiance where you can chill out at the beach sipping cocktails and mocktails or indulge in an exotic massage. The southern Koh Phangan is just the opposite of its northern side, where tourists and visitors get a vibrant and exciting atmosphere for a non-stop party scene till the wee hours of New Year. The Haad Rin region here offers a crazy atmosphere where you can deep dive into the rocking nightlife in Koh Phangan.

Thailand offers the best of both worlds together to celebrate Christmas and the countdown to New Year. Irrespective of your tastes and likes, Thailand has plenty to offer and activities to engage yourself in having a perfect time.