Guest Post Submission

Guest Post Submission

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Write a guest article if you wish to share your travel experiences!
To understand what to write about and how to have your travel guest post accepted on this blog, read this mini-guide.

How to Submit an Article for Thailandwikia Travel Blog?

Greetings, travelers and fellow travel bloggers! Did you have a memorable trip, experience a lot of emotions, take terabytes of images and discover amazing things about the nation, its people, and its culture?

You are welcome to submit a guest article on our website about your experience! We love providing our readers with insightful and motivating content! Mail us at

Why Guest Posts are Essential?

Guest articles provide you the chance to share your experiences, establish your expertise, give other travelers advice, get free publicity, connect with a large audience, and receive feedback. A mention along a link to your website, blog, or social network will be provided in a well-read blog. The Thailandwikia’s requirements for guest posts on travel.

We welcome guest pieces that encourage travel and benefit the audience. The following are the guidelines for guest posts on this website: A quality guest post is a well-written, in-the-first-person article that covers the main subject.

  • It might be a narrative about a journey you took to Thailand
  • Readers should find the novel to be informative and practical.
  • The article must be original, meaning it cannot have been published on the Internet before.
  • Duplicate content will not be accepted by Thailandwikia.
  • Each post must be original content that was written only for Thailandwikia and has not been (or will not be) published elsewhere.
  • The article should be roughly 1000 words long.
  • The text ought to be carefully organized, with divisions and subheadings.
  • Please send us original, high-resolution photographs, these images ought to be unique and not posted online (or ever in the future). Picture dimensions should be:1000*700
  • Try to set up a photo sequence so that you may create a photo tale. Even if the reader is unable to read the entire text, the images will still allow him to get a sense of your journey.
  • Send a guest post via Google Docs, please.
  • Thailandwikia retains the right to edit, change, or otherwise modify submitted guest posts. It entails updating the language for SEO, consistency, and clarity, as well as inserting appropriate affiliate links.
  • Thailandwikia solely holds publishing rights and neither offers nor accepts copyright ownership.
  • Only other bloggers and travelers are permitted to post as guests.
  • A blogger bio along with a link to your website will be included in every post.

Some Ideas for Thailand Travel Guest Posts:

  • Independent travel: any location within Thailand.
  • Describe the destination you went to, how you got there, where you slept the night, how much the trip cost, where you ate, what you recommend others try, the sites you saw, what you liked best and why, and what you didn’t like about the place, how safe it is to travel there, and so on.
  • Routes and road excursions
  • How to get a visa to Thailand, rent an apartment in cities across Thailand, the number of people in the group, when is the best time to visit, how to save money by giving insights, and how much does it cost to travel are examples of practical posts.
  • Taking children on vacation
  • Strange locations and distinctive attractions
  • Travel alternatives
  • Volunteer work
  • Foreign language instruction
  • Relocating to a new Thailand
  • Digital nomadism and remote employment
  • Ecotourism.
  • Trends in travel
  • the cultural
  • Food
  • Traditions and customs
  • Holidays and festivals
  • Tourism for transformation

What’s next?

Kindly contact us, if you wish to write a guest travel article for Thailandwikia.
Leave your email, a topic, and a brief summary of an upcoming article. We’ll talk about the specifics accordingly.

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