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Thailand is a captivating tourist destination placed in the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia. Blessed with incredible natural vistas and attractions to die for, Thailand covers a mesmerizing area of 513,120 sq. km. A melting pot of different cultures collated together peacefully. The Thai calendar is packed with exciting events, superb festivals, and public holidays. You can always find an excuse to party in Thailand or matter where you are put up. Thailand boasts of several festivals and public holidays that make a holiday here truly special. We have listed some of the prestigious festivals and public holidays that you should be part of if you are planning for a Thai holiday soon.

1.New Year’s Day

A public holiday celebrated with great pomp and splendor. People welcome New Year’s Day with happening parties, gorgeous fireworks display, and exciting, adventurous activities. Do experience the first-hand experience of the countdown on New Year’s Eve at the World Trade Center.

2.Children’s Day

The kids play a vital role in the forming the current culture in Thailand. Every second Saturday in January is celebrated as Children’s Day. On this day, children receive gifts and are treated with special care from their elder family members. Even the Thai army opens their doors for the local kids to experience the war zone in first-hand. At schools, the kids receive gifts from the teachers, and there are individual performances to mark this occasion.

3.Chinese New Year

With a significant amount of the Thai population from Chinese origins, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with glitz and great enthusiasm. This is one of the most significant events in the year for the Chinese population all around the world. The Chinatown is painted in red with street plays, parades, processions, delightful delicacies, and much more.

4.Makha Bucha

A public holiday in Thailand that marks the day when 1250 followers of Buddha gathered together to listen to one of the essential teachings shared by him in a sermon. The Thai population starts their festivities from early morning by participating in several ceremonies and functions. At night post-sunset, people take three rounds of the temple with candles in their hands.

5.Chakri Day

A public holiday in Thailand that celebrates the founding of one of the crucial dynasties, the Chakri Dynasty. The current highness, King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the ninth king of the Chakri Dynasty. The Thai population has a lot of regard for their king, and this festival is bound to be very close to their heart.

6.Songkran Festival

A public holiday in Thailand that commemorates the traditional New Year. Songkran is one of the most critical events celebrated in the year. Water is sprayed on Buddha idols as a part of the purification process. Thai people also spray water on each other, so be ready to be scattered all over on the streets as well.

7.Coronation Day

5th May marks the day of the coronation of the current Thai King in the year 1950. Also popularly known as Wan Chatramongkol, this Coronation day is declared as a public holiday in Thailand. The King took control of the heir after attaining 22 years post completion of his studies.

8.Khao Phansa

This festival marks the beginning of the Buddhist Lent season. This Lent season lasts for three months for the monks as they prepare to sleep only inside their temple. Many people mark this day as a day of self-control and restraint.

9.Chinese Ghost Festival

The three realms of Heaven, Hell, and the Earth open up for a month so that the free spirits can roam around in search of some food, fun, and entertainment. The Thai people organize food offerings at their home along with distributing the homemade food to the needy.

10.Chulalongkorn Day

A public holiday in Thailand that marks the occasion of the death anniversary of King Chulalongkorn. Siam had transformed itself into a semi-modern city under his regime. He is instrumental in Thailand being free from colonial rule to date. The King is worshipped as a semi-god with people offering prayers and sacrifices in front of his statues or idols.

11.Loy Krathong

This festival occurs on the first full moon day in November. The people make a Krathong, a tiny boat prepared from banana leaves centered by candles and flowers. Post sunset, these people set their krathongs on a surrounding river or nearby pond. They do this as part of forgiveness for their sins. It is also said that if two individuals set the Krathong adrift together, they are bound to be lovers either in this life or in the next.

12.Christmas Day

Christmas is one of the widely celebrated festivals all over the world. This festival is not a representation of the Thai culture, but it is a Christian tradition. People use this occasion to gift their loved ones. The celebration of Christmas has slowly transformed into a commercial and a marketing event. The streets are decorated with Christmas trees, and the festivities can be experienced all over the country. People attend Church masses on Christmas Eve and then celebrate with great pomp and splendor.

It is tough at times to list all the festivals and public holidays in just one article. Thailand boasts of a broad spectrum of cultures, attractions, and experiences that are unique in nature. Every festival carries a charm and elegance with it that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the region. Come and explore this beautiful land of Thailand.