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Southeast Asia’s best place to visit in Thailand and there’s a reason for this. Thailand is best known for its stunning temples, breath-taking beaches and the modern cities like Bangkok and Pattaya, which are full of life and adventure. Thailand’s beaches are also famed for the best watersport activities for tourists. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun, sand or just surf, there are many places in Thailand that offer some of the best watersport experiences to locals and tourists alike. Here are some watersports you might not even have heard of but can enjoy during your time in Thailand.

1.Kite Boarding 

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If you’re a daredevil at heart then this is a must-do activity for you. Wakeboarding, Windsurfing, and Paragliding – all these, when combined together, make up this rather amazing sport. Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya, Koh Samui and Hua Hin are the best places offering Kite Boarding. Thailand’s pristine waters and stable winds allow everyone to enjoy this amazing sport. Although, Thailand offers these amazing activities throughout the year, indulging in Kite Boarding from November to May is the best time to try.

2.Whitewater Rafting 

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Though not a beach activity, whitewater rafting is still a watersport and best enjoyed with your group of friends. Pai River and Maetang River in the Northern part of Thailand are the best spots to enjoy this activity. As you begin rafting, you’ll get to witness naturally beautiful landscapes such as jungles with rich, green vegetation, cool, clean and vibrant mountainous terrain. There are many service providers in Thailand that offer whitewater rafting for everyone. This is a must-do activity as there are many other beautiful and hidden natural treasures worth exploring. This whole experience is never disappointing.


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Wakeboarding seems to be growing in large number and is considered to be the next-best activity to do on Thailand beaches. Beginner or a professional, here you can some of the best places that offer wakeboarding to all. All you have to do is to grab a cable connected to a speedboat and hop on to a board. The speedboat takes off and you get to try out your board skills. Sounds fun, right? The best part about this activity is that it is pocket-friendly.

4.Jet Skiing 

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Every watersport enthusiast loves jet skiing. The best thing about this activity is you don’t need to be a fantastic swimmer. You’ll safely be strapped into a life jacket. You also should know to ride a bike and you’re good to go. If you don’t know on riding a bike, no need to worry. You can sit behind a professional who will take you to experience the best of waves. For solo adventure, take the chance to explore an unbeatable sea experience. September to April is the ideal time and the price is quite competitive.


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Flyboarding is another new water-based activity that offers an immense adrenaline rush. This activity is not for fainthearted and you’ll be required to strap yourself onto a board. The board works with a mechanism where the water shoots out from the board with immense force giving you the feeling of floating on top of the water and then you go right inside the water. This is a 20minute session and you shouldn’t be scared of going underwater. Pattaya is the ideal spot that offers the best experience for this activity.


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Snorkeling is a must Thailand, as it is a great way to experience the colorful coral reef life. Snorkeling is for those who want to enjoy a calmer water-based activity and you’ll surely not be disappointed. November to April is the ideal time to witness Thailand’s clear blue water, beautiful corals and colorful species of fish. Snorkeling during rainy or off-season in Thailand makes the water a little murky, however, it is easier for your pockets.

7.Sea Kayaking 

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Sea kayaking is exactly like it sounds. This activity is especially for those looking for inner-peace. Kayaking gives one an access to witness Thailand’s finest beaches, isolated villages and unspoiled bays across the many islands. The ideal time for Kayaking in Thailand is from November to May and there are places like Krabi, Phuket, Khao Sok National Park, and Phang Nga Bay that offers this activity. Sea kayaking is little similar to whitewater rafting however, you’ll need a bit more physical efforts.


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Sailing is the perfect way to end your watersport activity in Thailand. Thailand is a haven for beautiful beaches, peaceful islands and a number of marine riches that make for the best vacation experience. Whether you’re sailing with a group of friends, family or with the romantic partner, you’ll be experiencing the finer things on a comfortable sailing yacht. All these sailing experiences can be done with different budgets depending upon the season time as well. But this is a great way to enjoy Thailand’s awesome coastline.

There’s no doubt, Thailand is the best destination to indulge in watersport activities. All you need is to get your swim gear ready and you’re good to go. Go outside and take advantage of Thailand’s amazing outdoor facilities. Also, be safe and always put on a life jacket for safety, even if you know swimming.

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