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Bangkok is a wonderful city but it is often left unexplored before people move to the near islands or the surrounding thick jungles. The number of tourist attractions may not be huge, but it still carries the charm and aura which cannot be explored. A wonderful place to eat, stroll, wander and imbibe. Bangkok offers spectacular options across all budgets. We have listed some enriching ideas/suggestions which can help you explore and discover if you unveil yourself in Bangkok city for minimum 5 days. Explore the cultural subtleties that make Bangkok one of the most popular tourist destination in the world.

Day 1: Visit the Iconic Landmarks of the Bangkok City

1. The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun

Kick start your tour with the tour of the Grand Royal Palace to beat the tourist and local crowd later in the day. The Royal family no longer resides here but it hosts several official state functions. As a tourist, you will not be allowed to enter the buildings, but you can surely explore the surroundings, grounds, and open temples which makes it worth a visit. Admire the amazing craftsmanship and the beautiful architecture.
Next head to the neighboring Wat Pho complex which houses the popular inclined Buddha statue. Explore the maze like temple grounds and then cross the river and head to the Wat Arun Temple, popularly referred as the Temple of the Dawn. Enjoy stellar views of the city from the top of the temple.

2. Visit the splendid temples of Bangkok

Wat Saket BangkokBangkok is home to several beautiful temples. Rent a tuk-tuk driver who can take you around for a day to check out these iconic temples. This is probably the most efficient and economical way to browse through the major temples in Bangkok. Avoid shopping in the driver’s recommended shopping places. Some of the popular ones include Wat Saket and the Golden Mount, Wat Kalayanamit, Wat Traimit, and Wat Benchamabophit.

3. Cruise the Chao Phraya River & visit Khao San Road

chao phraya river cruiseThe Chao Phraya River offers a relaxing and a wonderful environment. Hop onto a water taxi up from Central Pier and go till the end for around 20 baht and a local guide would give you a brief description of ancient sites spotted during your journey.
The Khao San Road is known as the backpacker capital of the world. It houses an array of bars, street food stalls, fine dining restaurants, and local activities running all day. The weekends do get a bit busy, you can interact with other travelers as well. The Brick Bar is one of the local Thai ska bars which you should definitely visit.

Day 2: Explore Downtown

1. Floating market & Chinatown

Floating market BangkokThe most popular floating markets include Khlong Lat Mayom and Taling Chan. Both the markets are easily accessible via public transportation. Taling Chan is visited more by tourists, so if you are planning to visit this place, make sure you are set to leave in the morning to beat the rush. There are numerous treats which smell delicious, fragrance of which can be felt from a street away.
A combination of souvenirs, shopping, and tons of street food marks the features of Chinatown. A mixture of which is unknown in other parts of the city. A crowd favorite and the busy streets of Chinatown is surely going to keep you busy.

2. Visit the grand malls in Bangkok

mbk bangkokThe malls in Bangkok is considered as a social hub where people eat at food courts, drink at the bars, enjoy adventurous games, sip a coffee at the coffee shop, and see the latest movies on the block all under one roof. Every mall carries its own ambiance and charm and reflects the culture of the Bangkok city. Some of the popular ones include MBK, Paragon, Emporium, Terminal 21, and Central World.

3. Watching a Muay Thai fight

Muay Thai fight BangkokMuay Thai fight is a popular and serious sport in Thailand. Here the fighters sweat it out for years before heading for a fight. One of the authentic centers to catch the action is Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok.
Day Three: Exquisitely Thai

Day third: Rejuvenate by Shopping and Picnicking

1. Shop & Eat at the Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend MarketThe bustling and gigantic weekend markets in Thailand is a place where you will probably find anything and everything. Ranging from authentic designer cloth wear to their fake counterparts to latest phones and movie & music CDs and DVDs to kitchenware to travel accessories and much more. Add to that the food served here is absolutely cheap. Do not miss it during your trip to Bangkok.

2. Visit Jim Thompson’s Residence

Jim Thompson ResidenceAn American spy and silk merchant resided in Thailand in the 1950s-1960s and mysteriously absconded from Malaysia in 1967. His residence in Bangkok was created with traditional Thai designs and delightful teak wood and is surrounded by a lush green garden. The tours give you some insight about Jim, the silk industry, and the traditional Thai architecture. The admission fees for the tour is passed on to underprivileged kids.

3. Check out the Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park BangkokThe Central Park of Bangkok city attracts tourists and locals with its lush green atmosphere. The park is crowded all through the day and people here are engaged in different activities. A perfect relaxing atmosphere after passing through the shackles of the Bangkok city.

Day Four: Browse through Authentic Thai Historic Centers

1. Visit the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center

Bangkok Art and Cultural CenterA contemporary art center which features music, art, theatre, film, cultural events, and design through its exhibition and performance spots. This is one of the enriching places to check out the local art in the Bangkok city.

2. Check out the Bangkok Corrections Museum

Bangkok Corrections MuseumBuilt in 1939 on the ruins of an ancient heavily guarded prison, the Bangkok Corrections Museum features insights about the cruel and harsh punishments given to inmates and the torture devices used during the era. It also houses wax statues depicting these execution scenes.

3. The ancient National Museum of Bangkok

National Museum of BangkokThis Museum highlights the exquisite Thai culture and features an awesome collection of recorded music, musical instruments, ornate funeral chariots, and spectacular wooden cravings. English tours are conducted every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30am.

4. Savor a food tour

Bangkok FoodThe amazing variety of food available in Bangkok can be overwhelming. Indulge in the Bangkok Food Tours or the ones offered by Mark Wiens of Migrationology to savor the local delicacies.

5. Visit the Museum of Siam

Museum of Siam bangkokA 19th century European designed Museum highlight the heritage and culture of Thailand through a variety of media mediums. The Multimedia conducts interactive tours of the Thai origins and its people in the era dating back several years ago.

Day 5: Other Landmarks of the City

1. Indulge in a wakeboard at Lake Tac

Wakeboarding in BangkokHead to the outskirts of eastern Bangkok and indulge in some wakeboarding. This activity is extremely popular among locals and expats and is a wonderful way to indulge in some fun and entertainment.

2. Take a cooking class

Thai cooking class bangkokLeave the afternoon for a Thai cooking class and become an expert in preparing those savory dishes. The city has plenty of options to choose from but select the center which gives you hands on experience in selecting the local ingredients from the food market.

3. Watch the Tiffany’s Cabaret Show

tiffanys cabaret showThe first authentic transvestite cabaret show in Southeast Asia featuring elegance, decadence, fun and excitement. Something which you should definitely not miss during your trip to the Bangkok city.

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