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In the busy world of today, every person craves for a spa holiday. People have a notion that spas are only for the ones who are interested in superficial grooming. Although there are beautification benefits, there are plenty of physical and mental benefits that your body deserves with regular spa treatments. The need for a spa arises from the busy lifestyle people choose to live in today that disconnects them from their family and friends, follow an unhealthy lifestyle, and much more. We are listing some of the unknown & unheard types and benefits of indulging in a Thai massage that you should venture out.

Types of Thai Massage

A Thai massage is not only about being a passive participant during the entire session, i.e., lying under a blanket with your head resting against a pillow as the therapist applies pressure to various checkpoints in your body to tighten your muscles and skin. A Thai massage extensively uses the masseuse’s palms and fist to stretch, twist, and apply pressure to the critical pressure or energy points in your body.

1.Traditional Thai Massage

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Therapeutic techniques, loads of stretching, and pinpointing pressure or energy points in your body rejuvenates and refreshes your body after hard physical strains. This type of Thai massage helps in stimulating blood circulation in the body that leads to faster regeneration and flexible joints.

2.Thai Massage with warm herbs

Warm herbs are the best source for detoxifying your body. Using enhanced aromas and a warm touch initiates a sense of sauna. The massage uses therapeutic techniques that are useful for relieving any muscle or joint pain. This Thai massage is frequently used by athletes as it helps in stimulating blood flow and releases every inch of strain on each tissue of your body.

3.Thai Reflexology Massage of feet and palms

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Different massage techniques are applied with pressure on reflexology points that are critical to restoring balance in the body and regain the flow of energy to various reflexology points. A relaxing and detoxifying technique that increases blood circulation and gives a boost to your immune system. The massage helps in faster energy flow between the internal organs of the body that cause takes away several health issues.

4.Thai Massage of the Head, Face, Neck, Shoulders, Cleavage, and Back with warm herbs

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This massage is dedicatedly for females and helps in eliminating migraine and headaches, tightens the skin thereby reducing wrinkles, and relaxes your body. Warm oils and herbs are used to create more flexibility, agility, and regain softer skin in your body. You will be amazed by the relaxing and rejuvenating after effects of this massage.

5.Thai Oil Massage

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This relaxing type of Thai Massage uses natural aromatic oils to tighten the skin and increase blood flow to your organs. This type of Thai massage removes all blockages in your body causing a hindrance to smooth blood flow and thereby relaxing your body. A perfect way to remove the body fatigue and retain freshness.

Benefits of a Thai Massage

1.Entices energy flow and increases blood circulation

In today’s life, tightened muscles reduce the flow of energy to various internal organs in your body. As a result, the body becomes stiff, inflexible, and not agile. In extreme cases, it also leads to severe pain. Shortened muscles and tissues deprived of vital energy can have an adverse impact on your body posture, organ functioning, and immunity. With a Thai massage, these pressure points are refreshed and slow down the aging process and prevent several disabilities. The blood circulation is facilitated with more oxygen and nutrients reaching your tissues. Thai massage also helps in stretching the muscles as they gain more flexibility and agility thereby relieving your body of chronic stiffness, muscle injuries, and enhancing mobility.

2.Relieving Pain

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Several people had seen the magic of a Thai massage when they had to deal with chronic pain and stress. Several types of research and studies have proven this fact that there is a subsequent reduction in anxiety and tension in the body and the after effects can last as long as 15 weeks post the massage by following a healthy lifestyle. People suffering from the scapulocostal syndrome have been relieved of the acute pain and stress with a round of Thai massage. People who indulge in a Thai massage for over three weeks regularly have an improved pain intensity, muscle tension, and pain threshold levels.

3.Relief of Headaches

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By using acupressure at specific meridians in the body that is known as court-type Thai massage is a great relief for people suffering from chronic headaches. A Thai massage stimulates blood flow and relaxes the nervous system, something that is proved in several types of research and studies over time with conclusive evidence.

4.Reduces stress levels in the body

The traditional therapeutic techniques used in a Thai massage helps in reducing stress and ignites relaxation instantly. A study conducted by Medical Science Monitor Basic Research in 2015 proved the fact that a Thai massage reduces the enzymatic markers of stress and plays a vital role in relaxing the stress points on the body. This study has also proved that a Thai massage is more beneficial than merely resting in reducing the psychological stress levels of the body.


Although people have reaped the benefits and dividends of indulging in a Thai massage, a certain degree of the population should be varied of indulging in a Thai massage. People suffering from back injuries, cancer, back disk problems, pregnant women should avoid a Thai massage. People who feel week and infirmed should also give it a skip. This massage may not be the right therapy for your problem.

A Thai massage relaxes your body, a must in today’s busy corporate world as people struggle to cope with the work and personal pressure in their lives. Several traditional techniques and pressure points are refreshed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.