Experience the beautiful Thai culture through its unique festivals and public holidays

Festival in Thailand

Thailand is a captivating tourist destination placed in the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia. Blessed with incredible natural vistas and attractions to die for, Thailand covers a mesmerizing area of 513,120 sq. km. A melting pot of different cultures collated together peacefully. The Thai calendar is packed with exciting events, superb festivals, and public holidays. You can always find an excuse to party in Thailand or matter where you are put up. Thailand boasts of several festivals and public holidays that make a holiday here truly special. We have listed some of the prestigious festivals and public holidays that you should be part of if you are planning for a Thai holiday soon. » Read more

Watersports worth Indulging in on Thailand Beaches

Thailand Adventure Image

Southeast Asia’s best place to visit in Thailand and there’s a reason for this. Thailand is best known for its stunning temples, breath-taking beaches and the modern cities like Bangkok and Pattaya, which are full of life and adventure. Thailand’s beaches are also famed for the best watersport activities for tourists. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun, sand or just surf, there are many places in Thailand that offer some of the best watersport experiences to locals and tourists alike. Here are some watersports you might not even have heard of but can enjoy during your time in Thailand.

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The Magic of Indulging in a Thai Massage

In the busy world of today, every person craves for a spa holiday. People have a notion that spas are only for the ones who are interested in superficial grooming. Although there are beautification benefits, there are plenty of physical and mental benefits that your body deserves with regular spa treatments. The need for a spa arises from the busy lifestyle people choose to live in today that disconnects them from their family and friends, follow an unhealthy lifestyle, and much more. We are listing some of the unknown & unheard types and benefits of indulging in a Thai massage that you should venture out.

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The Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge – Building Friendship Across Borders

Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge Image

The Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge is one of the major bridges that extends borders between Thailand, and the Vientiane. The Thai Lao Friendship bridge has played an instrumental role in bridging gaps in economic, tourism, trade, cultural exchange, investment, logistics, and transportation for the two above mentioned countries. This friendship bridge helps in bridging gaps and improving the friendship between Thailand, Laos, and Australia.

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Top Five Things to explore in Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay thailand

Phang Nga Bay is one of the mesmerizing islands in Thailand blessed with incredible natural vistas and pleasant weather all through the year. Placed in the Southern provinces of Thailand and sharing borders with the Andaman Sea, the place features lush green rainforests, mangroves, and glitzy white sandbar. With easy access from Krabi and Phuket, Phang Nga Bay remains on the wishlist of the places one should explore once they are in Thailand. We have prepared a small list of the top five things you should explore when you visit this mind-blowing destination in Thailand.

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Seven reasons to revisit the tropical paradise of Krabi

Krabi Thailand Image

Placed at the border of Singapore within the province of Thailand is the paradise of Krabi. Blessed with tropical rainforests, Krabi is known for its spectacular natural vistas that include limestone cliffs, emerald green waters, white sandy beaches, and much more. Krabi somehow manages to leave a profound impression on your memory lane positively. You will not be able to define a reason for visiting Krabi again and again, it just somehow keeps attracting visitors and travelers back. We have listed seven reasons why travelers keep coming back to the tropical paradise of Krabi.

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Top 6 Rooftop Restaurants in Bangkok

Thailand is one of the popular Asian destinations among globetrotters and Bangkok city is the first Thailand city that pops up in any Thai vacationer’s mind. Bangkok being a major metropolitan city and home to one of the busiest airports in the world makes it a default destination for many visitors who arrive into Thailand. But then travellers do not spend much time in Bangkok as it is super crowded and chaotic. Most of them usually prefer to stay for a day or two before heading out to the blissful island paradises of Thailand. Nevertheless, Bangkok has its own charm even though the city feels stiflingly crowded. This vibrant city has found ways to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy tranquility by converting rooftops of towering skyscrapers into an ultimate collection of spectacular alfresco restaurants and bars.  Set on high rise exquisite hotels, these restaurants provide a serene ambiance unruffled by the frantic world below. Here is our top 6 rooftop restaurants and bars of Bangkok that you need to check out on your Bangkok trip.
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Thailand Travel tips – ‘Good to know’ pieces of advice while travelling to Thailand

Thailand Travel Tips

There are many reasons as to why Thailand is a favoured destination among holidaymakers. Thailand has a beautiful cultural heritage and a spectacular mix of nature’s finest scenic elements. But as with every holiday, getting to know the region before you reach there is important so that there would not be any surprise or shock for you once you are in a new country. Before you visit any new destination, it is natural for you to have many doubts and unanswered questions about the place. If you are planning your next vacation to Thailand, here are few travelling tips for you to keep in mind to ensure a stress-free Thai holiday.

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Eating out in Thailand

french onion soup

With an array of restaurants, street food, open air markets, you will find an amazing variety of food available almost everywhere in Thailand. Many restaurants in Thailand are open every day for lunch and dinner. The most expensive restaurants in Thailand are mostly in Bangkok with local service taxes and VAT being additional components of the bill. Bangkok and Chiang Mai are the two biggest culinary centers of Thailand. The number of Thai dishes served in other parts of the world is not even 5% of the number of dishes that are available in Thailand. Thai food, in general, is delicious, vibrant, and has extensive use of green leafy vegetables and herbs. Hygiene is one of the points you should keep in mind while eating in Thailand. But if you are too cautious, you may be too heavy on your pocket at times. If you are traveling to Thailand, we recommend you to avoid chilies and consume fresh fruit to be easy on your stomach during your visit to Thailand. There are also short Thai cookery courses that are designed specifically for tourists and visitors in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other tourist centers in the world. We have listed a few options which will help you savor the best of Thai food while you are in Thailand.

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20 Awesome free things to do in Bangkok for a perfect city break

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The Thai capital – Bangkok is known for its vivacious lifestyle and has a plethora of attractions and sights to explore. Thailand is one of the most affordable destination in the world and apart from the usual sightseeings, Bangkok offers lot of choices that does not add burden to your wallet. If you are on a budget trip or want to go sightseeing without spending much, Bangkok will spoil you with a collection of places where you can have a good time free of charge. Here’s a list of places in Bangkok which you can include in your Bangkok vacation.

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