Start your new phase in your life at an exotic location named Thailand

stunnig background wedding

Marriage is one of the most special occasions in one’s life and if it is a destination wedding, then choosing the location will be one of the main things on your checklist. Thailand is not only an exotic holiday destination but it is a fabulous choice and a colorful location to graciously host your wedding in a stylish and elegant manner. Imagine yourself standing among beautiful tropical flowers, stunning backgrounds with your partner to kick start the new phase in your life. We have listed some of the reasons why you should think of considering Thailand as one of the venues for your wedding.

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The Floating Festival of Dreams in Thailand – Loy Krathong

loy krathong

Loy Krathong is one of the beautiful festivals which are celebrated in Thailand. Along with Songkran, it is considered to be the most important festival celebrated here. The 12th lunar moon on the Thai calendar is used for deciding the date of this wonderful festival, and hence it is on a different date each year. In general, the festival usually falls in the month of November, with the celebrations and parade differ with each city in Thailand. It symbolizes the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the rice harvest season. Lights from several candles float on the water bodies, which each candle symbolizing a prayer or a wish offering by the one who releases or the devotee. People use it as a token of respect to the water goddess, Phra Mae. Enjoy and celebrate this wonderful floating festival of dreams in Thailand with your loved ones and create an everlasting memory in your life.

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Eating out in Thailand

french onion soup

With an array of restaurants, street food, open air markets, you will find an amazing variety of food available almost everywhere in Thailand. Many restaurants in Thailand are open every day for lunch and dinner. The most expensive restaurants in Thailand are mostly in Bangkok with local service taxes and VAT being additional components of the bill. Bangkok and Chiang Mai are the two biggest culinary centers of Thailand. The number of Thai dishes served in other parts of the world is not even 5% of the number of dishes that are available in Thailand. Thai food, in general, is delicious, vibrant, and has extensive use of green leafy vegetables and herbs. Hygiene is one of the points you should keep in mind while eating in Thailand. But if you are too cautious, you may be too heavy on your pocket at times. If you are traveling to Thailand, we recommend you to avoid chilies and consume fresh fruit to be easy on your stomach during your visit to Thailand. There are also short Thai cookery courses that are designed specifically for tourists and visitors in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other tourist centers in the world. We have listed a few options which will help you savor the best of Thai food while you are in Thailand.

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